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Sept. 14, 2022

The Only Way That I’m Going To Heaven Is Via Spousal Visa ft Brian Laung Aoaeh, CFA

Supply chain tech and VC specialist Brian Laung Aoaeh, CFA returns for his long-awaited sequel to the laugh-filled first episode. So although we did get serious a few times while discussing the pandemic, laughter was never far behind as it is and will a...

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We're thrilled to have Brian Laung Aoaeh, CFA back for the long-awaited sequel to the laugh-filled first episode! While we did get serious a few times to discuss the pandemic, laughter was never far behind – and it's always a part of our stories.

We kicked off with confirmation that I was not late to this recording – unlike our first recording when a combination of my ancestors, ex-girlfriends, and village people combined forces to make me late in a record-breaking time. It hasn't happened again since, and we're still baffled. In the episode, Brian shared how he and his co-founder Lisa formed a team with their shared interest in the supply chain. He also shed light on how they tried to put the supply chain community they had built to use and save as many lives as possible early in the pandemic but to no avail.

Tune in to the 15th episode of White Label American If you want to know more about Brian, check out his first appearance on White Label American (Episode "What is Death"). I'm sure you'll be inspired and entertained https://www.whitelabelamerican.com/ep-15-what-is-death-the-world-is-a-supply-chain-ft-brian-laung-aoaeh/

  Brian and I had an awesome conversation about the potential for Africa to embrace the supply chain and how important it can be for all countries, too. We discussed how investing in infrastructure could be an economic multiplier and make a huge difference to the host countries. Brian also shared his experiences of fatherhood, and how his love of food and music has stayed strong.

Plus, don't miss his article on Freightwave from 2020, where he talks about modernizing Africa's logistics capacity. I highly recommend you check out Brian's work and article. It's sure to give you a better understanding of the potential for Africa to benefit from the supply chain.

Time Stamps: Question 0:00 - 02:05, Intro 4:00 - 04:51, 2hrs 05:00 - 11:26, Business Partner 12:01 - 18:43, Political Leaders 19:17 - 28:42, Obstacles 28:54 - 32:04, Supply Chain W. Africa 37:48 - 01:05:45, Break 01:06:00 - 01:07:17, Build the damn thing 01:07:18 - 01:08:47, Fatherhood 01:09:51 - 01:13:40, Cuisine 01:23:50 - 01:34:29, Music 01:36:15 - 01:40:00, Final Q 1:40:30 - 1:42:36, Plugins 1:42:43 - 1:43:13, Outro 01:43:47 - 01:45:05


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https://www.refashiond.com/news/tag/Brian+Laung+Aoaeh https://engineering.nyu.edu/faculty/brian-aoaeh-cfa https://www.linkedin.com/in/supplychainoptimization/ https://twitter.com/brianlaungaoaeh https://www.freightwaves.com/news/commentary-modernizing-africas-logistics-capacity-one-startup-at-a-time


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Brian Laung Aoaeh, CFAProfile Photo

Brian Laung Aoaeh, CFA

Early-Stage VC: REFASHIOND Ventures / Co-Founder: #TNYSCM & #TWSCF / Adjunct at NYU Tandon

If you need someone to talk to about start-ups, innovation, technology, supply chain, and venture capital, Brian is the man. Brian is the Co-Founder of ReFashioned Ventures an early-stage supply chain technology venture firm that is being built to invest in technology innovations that refashion global supply chains. The NYU Tandon School of Engineering also has Brian as one of its adjunct professors.