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Using stories from mostly immigrants to show that our humanity exists, while taking down artificial walls!

The goal of this podcast is to take down artificial walls and showcase the humanity of immigrants via modern immigrant stories. We aim to create an inclusive space where our LGBTQIA+, undocumented, nonreligious, and religious minority brethren can share their experiences without judgment. We do not celebrate the "model migrant" and understand that failure is not the end of the journey. Our guests do not need to have a million dollars to be featured on our show, as we believe that everyone's story is valuable. Our focus is on learning from each other by sharing our stories, and we understand that these stories may elicit both tears and laughter. Regardless of the emotions, we strive to find solidarity in these experiences.

Meet Raphael Harry, a remarkable US Navy veteran with disabilities, an esteemed stay-at-home dad, a certified husband, and a passionate volunteer. As a cultural agent, he hosts the widely acclaimed White Label American Podcast, exploring the experiences of immigrants and their children in the United States. Born and raised in Nigeria to an Ijaw family with Ghanaian roots, Raphael has worked on three continents and traveled to four. His extensive travel experiences have enriched his life, and he has been adopted by citizens of several countries. With a love for comics and soccer, especially African football, followed by La Liga and Serie A, Raphael can connect with you on politics, international affairs, the latest MCU releases, Netflix series, indie comics, and anime. His podcast is a safe space that does not tolerate anti-blackness, anti-immigration, or anti-LGBTQ+ views.

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