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Using stories from mostly immigrants to show that our humanity exists, while taking down artificial walls!

Removing artificial walls as we use the modern immigrant stories to show that our humanity exists is and will always be the goal of this podcast. 

This is an inclusive space for our LGBTQIA+, undocumented, nonreligious, and religious minority brethren. This isn't a platform for celebrating the "model migrant." Failure isn't the end of the journey, nor must one have a million dollars to be a guest. The goal is to LEARN!

Raphael Harry is a US navy veteran with disabilities, currently, a stay-at-home dad, certified husband, volunteer, a cultural agent who is the host of White Label American Podcast. He was born and raised in Nigeria to an Ijaw (pronounced ee-jaw) family with some Ghanaian roots. He is the host and founder of White Label American Podcast. He has worked on three continents and been to four.

He also has a ridiculous amount of cousins from everywhere and has been adopted by citizens of a few other countries. A big comics and soccer nerd, (especially African football is his favorite followed by La Liga and Serie A.) He can connect with you on politics (national and international) to the latest MCU or some Netflix, anime, and indie comics. He doesn't support Anti-Blackness or Anti-Immigration or Anti-LGBTQ+ views on his platform.

NEW episodes are released EVERY Wednesday (exclusive content and more are available on Patreon).