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Story of an immigrant or two

A must listen podcast . There is something to learn from every guest. I love this podcast because of its very diverse stories . It teaches us that we are not that different after all . highly recommended .

Great storytelling!

I enjoyed this podcast and the unique guests featured. Great storytelling!

Informative ,inspirational and entertaining

An exceptional podcast a must listen. Every time I listen to a new episode, I am left feeling enlighted and inspired—great job to Raphael for the diversity of the show.

Great Balanced Podcast. VALUABLE

I enjoy this Podcast! Raphael covers pretty good topics, and it’s value that your didn’t know you needed in his podcast! Give it a shot!

Dynamic Diversity

Amazing podcast with extremely diverse perspectives … mad dope!!

Excellent Podcast, must listen!

Raphael is so fun to listen to! Smart, funny, and relatable! Also appreciate the excellent sound quality of the show!!

Raphael The Motivator!

His genuineness and authenticity comes across on the mic.

Awesome podcaster

I have listen to the podcast and it is very inspirational. Rafael make sure that at the end of the conversation you have gotten enough gems. Keep doing what you doing my brother.

Wonderful podcast!

Authentic and inspiring podcast which brings the story of many interesting people from around the world. Always great to learn about the stories of different people around the world!

The Nuance of the Immigrant Journey

I love the nuance of the immigrant journey that unfolds through the stories each guest tells. We each have a different origin story, but then we arrive in the United States and become white label Americans. One might say we were white label Americans before we arrived in the United States. It’s what drives us to make this home.

FINALLY a podcast that’s real and relatable

I’ve been a longtime fan of this podcast and finally writing a review. Raphael is an amazing host and has amazing people as guests who have the most interesting stories I’ve ever heard. A must listen, you will not regret it!

Interesting side other side of the fence perspective

I love the hosts manner and back and forth with guests.


Excellent conversation, what a concept! Ask questions and get to know someone! Learn something new every episode!

Warning: Will smash your misconceptions

What is it like to be a Muslim model from The Gambia? What culture shocks do young people from Myanmar face? Where does a Chinese student eat when she returns home after going vegan? There is no better podcast for learning about the experiences of US immigrants and the diverse places they are from. Raphael’s voice is well-suited for the medium. The show is a must-listen in today’s cultural climate—but don’t listen on an empty stomach!

A fun conversation

I really like the style of this podcast. It’s funny, candid and gives you the fly on the wall experience of Raph learning about the background and culture of a diverse group of people. I’m looking forward to future guests.

Awesome conversation

This was easy to listen to. Honest conversation about life mixed with humor. I love the positivity that comes out of the conversation. There is hope for everyone...stay alive and enjoy life!

Simply the best

The best podcast since fire 🔥