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Zou Diallo

Digital Content Creator/ Director / Writer / Visual Artist / Producer /

Zou Diallo is a New York-based digital content creator. Zou utilizes over 12 years of working experience in the New York restaurant industry to create unique visual arts in that space. Zou also works in the fashion and music industries too.

A program was created in 2016 called Le Traducteur (Translator), in order to approach the fundamental subjects of Mali. Politics, education, and the economy are covered in each episode. It is aimed at the African youth with the aim of attracting their attention to inspire, motivate, and raise awareness. The presenter uses poetic language and adds a subtle touch of humor that makes each video captivating. Directed and presented by Zou Diallo, written by Zou Diallo in collaboration with Aliou Bara Samaké, Aminata Abou Diabaté.

Aug. 31, 2022

Earlier In The Pandemic Was When I Realized That This Was A Path For …

Zou Diallo is a digital media creator based in Brooklyn NY. You wouldn't be able to tell that this gentleman did not speak a word…

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