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Steve Worthy

`CEO / Retail Leader / Executive Coach / Podcast Coach / Livestream Expert

Steve is a seasoned leader with over 25 years of executive retail leadership experience. His career is focused on assisting leaders to find their unique voice and understand how to fit within their culture to advance their teams and career.

He acts as the CEO of WORTHY RETAIL U, an executive coaching and training organization centered in the Retail Industry. Furthermore, Steve is a dynamic and innovative corporate leader who has utilized his acumen and passion to foster a leadership environment bent on sustaining success and talent development.

Steve is also a podcasting veteran; he began in 2007 with By Husbands For Husbands, a podcast helping entrepreneurial husbands balance work and family.

As a podcast leadership coach, Steve teaches both novice and experienced podcasters how to live stream with authority through his Podcasters LIVE Academy. He currently hosts two separate podcasts.

About The Retail Leadership with Steve Worthy Podcast
RETAIL LEADERSHIP with Steve Worthy, a podcast dedicated to helping retail leaders improve their communication, and grow their leadership to advance their careers. Steve firmly believes that a retail leader’s decision will impact everyone, every day - all over the world.

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About Podcasters LIVE!!!

PODCASTERS LIVE!!! is a YouTube Channel and Podcast founded and hosted by Steve Worthy. Through our weekly Livestream, he features podcasters and other podcast industry experts. Steve established this platform for the new and established podcast to engage LIVE with their audience while teaching them the proper techniques to produce an engaging live stream.

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Aug. 24, 2022

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