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Nov. 3, 2021

Ep 101: Women Should Own Their Feminity ft Ms.Preseta

Ep 101: Women Should Own Their Feminity ft Ms.Preseta

I love Preseta as talking to her is just a pleasant experience. We explore diversity in the Indian (South Indian) community, antiblackness, racism, college, divorce, having a positive + inspirational relationship with her ex, and owning her sexuality plu...

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I'm sure you'll agree - talking to Preseta is a truly pleasant experience! She embodies the true meaning of her name, taking us on a journey through the world of engineering, in both college and professionally. But before we dive deep into all that, let's explore the three cities Preseta represents - Kerala, Mumbai, Houston, Oklahoma, and beyond!

We discussed a wide range of topics - from diversity in the Indian (South Indian) community and antiblackness to racism, college, divorce, and having an inspirational relationship with her ex. Plus, we talked about owning her sexuality and womanhood.

It was a truly inspiring conversation, so make sure you follow Preseta on Instagram and TikTok @ms.preseta and check out her website www.intimacy.is too! She's an amazing follow and you won't want to miss out!

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