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Feb. 15, 2023

When The Muse Is Speaking To You To Create, You Have An Obligation To Share It ft Rodney Jehu-Appiah

I'd like to take this moment to apologize for the wrong reporting earlier about Christian Atsu, who was not among the survivors pulled out earlier of the earthquake in Turkiye at the time of the publishing. My thoughts are with his family, fans, and ...

I sincerely apologize for incorrectly reporting earlier that Christian Atsu had been rescued from the earthquake in Turkiye. Sadly, by the time of publication, he had not been found. Update: Atsu's body has been found and flown back to Ghana for burial. My heart goes out to his family, fans, Ghanaians, Turks, and Syrians during this very trying time. This is a difficult moment for us all, and I hope that everyone affected can find comfort and strength.

Rodney Jehu-Appiah had just returned from a family trip to his homeland of Ghana when this episode was recorded. It was the first time he had brought his children to the country, and it was a truly special experience. Not only did they have lots of fun, but Rodney felt a newfound connection to his creative side that he had neglected for some time.

In this episode, Rodney shares his journey of embracing creativity and how he’s accepted that it’s his duty to share his art with the world. I hope you find Rodney's story inspiring and that it sparks your own creativity. to share your art with the world. to share your art with the world.

Rodney, a Dad from a multicultural family raised mostly Ghanaian, believes it is paramount to introduce his children to a variety of cultures. His recent trip back to Ghana was one of the many steps he has taken to ensure this. He had a great time sharing stories, laughing over mangoes, and chicken, with his fellow Park Slope Dad over Ghana and Nigeria. I look forward to indulging in some Banku and okra or peanut soup, Rodney hopes to pass down the importance of diversity to his children.

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Time Spot:

Intro 0:00 - 03:19, Guest Intro 03:23 - 05:26, Back Home With the Kids 05:31- 06:08, Unlocked Personalities 06:26 - 07:16, My 9ja Trip 07:20 - 14:30, Wild Place 14:32 - 16:00, Year of The Return 16:04 - 17:47, A Good Amount of Time 18:00 - 19:29, What The Kids Picked Up 19:52 - 21:40, Amazing Things 23:54 - 28:25, Favorite Thing to Eat While in Ghana 28:35 - 30:49, Chicken 34:00 - 35:57, Creativity Unleashed 36:39 - 36:59, Drawing & Music Inspirations 37:15 - 39:58, AI Drawings 40:00 - 44:35, Wild Food 50:29, Music 50:49 - 57:13, Creativity 5 9:00 - 1:04.16, Looking Fod 1:09:05 - 1:11:39, TikTok 1:14:44 - 1:18:00, LinkedIn 1:18:01 - 1:18:40, Final Word 1:19:00 - 1:21:06, Support US 1:21:24 - 1:22:06