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Feb. 22, 2023

My Happy Place Is Asking People Questions ft Marcus Haynes

It's been an absolute pleasure to end the Black History Month episodes with Marcus Haynes, a distinguished guest whose journey began in Brooklyn before he was exposed to the rich and diverse cultures of Lusaka, Zambia, Kisumu, Kenya, and Johannesburg...

It's been an absolute pleasure to end the Black History Month episodes with Marcus Haynes, a distinguished guest whose parents are from the Caribbean, making his life story even more unique. 

Named after two influential figures, Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X, Marcus was born in Brooklyn and then raised in Lusaka Zambia, Kisumu Kenya, and Johannesburg, South Africa, by his Caribbean parents!

During our chat, Marcus nostalgically reminisced on his fond childhood memories of fishing and biking in the national parks of Kenya, making it clear why he may have been inclined to become a veterinarian. This reminded me of my Kenyan brethren’s attempts to make him a chieftain in Kisumu (I remembered after the recording was over). With his knowledge and enthusiasm for the outdoors, Marcus is sure to be a great companion when I'm ready to go fishing. His stories and experiences have been a wonderful source of inspiration for us all.

Marcus' remarkable teenage experience of meeting Nelson Mandela was a source of awe for us all. The encouragement he received to pursue Social Sciences led him to embrace Human Resources as a career, upon which he established his own consulting firm, RH1 Consulting, LLC in New York City.

Today, Marcus is the President and Founder of RH1 Consulting LLC, a Human Resources consulting firm. Although he hadn't initially envisioned himself in this field, his college studies in biology to become a veterinarian were ultimately impacted by his dad's encouragement.

This conversation really reminds us of the power of stories and why platforms like this exist - to tear down artificial walls. What a great way to end Black History Month!

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Marcus HaynesProfile Photo

Marcus Haynes

Entrepreneur / Founder / President

Marcus Haynes is an entrepreneur President and Founder of RH1 Consulting, LLC, a Human Resources consulting firm. With RH1, Marcus helps companies refine their people strategies and processes, aiding them in scaling more effectively.

RH1 Consulting helps your company to maximize its workforce. We provide customized strategic and tactical Human Resources solutions to companies of every size and industry. Our strength is identifying problem areas and helping you to correct them.