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Jan. 23, 2023

2022 Recap: Share Your Most Memorable Moments ft Corey Gumbs, Johnnie Ray Kornegay III, Mimi Jacks, & Sasha Marguerite

What a year 2022 was, we have had the good, the bad, and the fantastic. To wrap up the year 2022 and officially come out of hibernation, I decided to have some of my New York/East Coast podcasters and friends join me to wrap up the year. We talked ab...

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What a year 2022 was, we have had the good, the bad, and the fantastic. To wrap up the year 2022 and officially come out of hibernation, I decided to have some of my New York/East Coast podcasters and friends join me to wrap up the year. We talked about Politics, Books, Music, Cultural Moments, Movies/Shows and everything in between that went down in 2022 from our perspective. It's a relaxed and informal atmosphere, with a bunch of like-minded folks just hanging out and having fun. You're invited to join in on the fun and hear what we had to say.

Meet the excellent super duper intelligent panel. It was an Avengers-level assemble, that included returning Corey Gumbs founder of the Black Podcasters of Association. Mimi Jack is the host of the Mproper Mimi Podcast. Sasha M Fountain the cohost of Cozy Chat Podcast and Johnnie Korniegay aka Jay Ray one of the hosts of the Queue Point.

What were some of the topics that we touched on in this super episode? The Black girl follows trend on TikTok, January 6th Investigations, Midterm Elections, Engagement During Elections, Kevin Samuels, Artificial Intelligence, attending black Podcast festivals for the first time in person. 

We did dive into sports, the Mets fan Corey brought some baseball knowledge to the podcast and mentioned a moment that I didn't even realize that I experienced. I was in Philly when the Braves won the world series with Corey. We got to give Serena Williams some love and flowers. Corey shared an experience from back in the days when he witnessed a younger Serena and Venus at the US Open. I am so glad that we did that as a few days after this recording, Pele would pass away in Brazil. A man who is recognized all over the world for soccer. 

Competitive dancing is a sport. All sports are celebrated and recognized on this podcast. Is Drake now the Manosphere of rap? I don't know about Corey, I love Beyonce and I'm a part-time Bey-Hive. Jay-Ray came through with the music breakdown. Tiktok introducing folks to Amapiano and EMO punk music. Mimi has always been into the orchestra and loves black violinists. Beyonce's Renaissance, Kendrick's album, old school rappers making a comeback. The role that sampling played. Snoop Dogg acquired Deathrow records, and Nas dropped a dope record thirty years into his career. Isii Nafta a Somali artist discovered on TikTok. Discovered that a song in French that we all love and thought had a celebratory meaning was actually about heartbreak. Parents and grandparents are raunchier than the kids.


Black Women in Pop music.

 Dilla Time 

Purchasing Whiteness

A master of gin

How long until the black future

Talk like Ted


Sound Reporting 

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Corey Gumbs is the founder of The Black Podcasters Association: https://blackpodcastersassociation.com/share/ZfiwQEe4eHqbHb0A

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Corey GumbsProfile Photo

Corey Gumbs

Black Podcasters Association Founder / Podcast Development Strategist / Mobile Podcast Studio Recording Engr / Web Developer

Corey Gumbs is the founder of the Black Podcasters Association. A growing community in partnership with Afros and Audio whose purpose is to unite black podcast creatives and professionals committed to redefining the podcast landscape and establishing a foundation that fully supports our creative voices respects our brands, and aligns with our core values, as we share engaging content with the world.

Corey also manages and operates a mobile podcasting studio from his Queens NY base recording, editing, and providing quality services to podcasters all over the five boroughs and beyond.