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Ashwin Goutham Gopir

Co-Founder / Dad / Entrepreneur / Teacher /

Ashwin is a Father, Husband, Teacher, Brooklynite, Entrepreneur, and Dravidian. He is the co-founder of Rise Products, a green startup that converts byproducts from the beverage industry into food. He also teaches at NYU and the New School - helping students turn science into technology, and technology into solutions. He is interested in sustainability, comedy, anarchy, folk music, art, and religion. His hobbies include sitting in sunlight, drinking water, and dreaming of being a tree. He also enjoys eating leaves, playing acoustic guitar, and imagining being a grasshopper.

April 6, 2022

EP 119: You Can Use Critical Methods To Design Technology Better ft A…

This conversation was so much fun covering history, his childhood, into exploring entrepreneurship before his arrival in America …

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